Our History.


OurCookbook exits BETA and becomes generally available for browsing. Registration is still limited to the BETA website.

WhatAccomm receives an overhaul, adding maps and landlord reviews.

In May, the new OAuth/OIDC Portal system is introduced and migration opens. Legacy Portal accounts had until September to migrate.


LMWN rebrands into Pixelset on the 9 February 2023.

In January, OurCookbook begins development and enters the BETA phase in February.


In June, ScoutShare rebrands to scoutsonline, and refocuses to a photo sharing website for Scout Groups.

In May, The Internet Impact is created in response to the ever-growing risk of Climate Change, and lack of education on issues being caused and solved by the internet.

Work began on migrating to a new Portal system that would support OAuth and OIDC authentication.


In September, Lewis goes to University, and creates WhatAccomm in November after finding it difficult to locate accurate reviews of student accommodation.

In March, Lewis creates Saturn CMS - a new content management system.

Portal SSO was created as a single unified account for all Pixelset websites and services.


In May, the idea of a central home for Lewis's websites first launches as LMWN (an acronym for Lewis Milburn's Websites Network). It is originally used to host scripts that are used by all his websites. By July, the LMWN website becomes a central hub for support for all the websites.

Lewis creates LewMC, a website used to host files related to Minecraft including modpacks, plugins, and other software created by him.


Lewis creates ScoutShare, a website intended to make connecting to the JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) event easier for his Scout Group. The website gains over 500 visits in the 24-hour period of the event that year.

Lewis creates his personal website.


Lewis creates ReviseBox, a revision resources website. The website is closed down in late 2018.