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The Internet Impact

Our values

Only do good

We design our websites to only do good, we believe in leaving a posible impact on the world and will never create a website that does harm to people or the environment.


We take security very seriously. We use the latest technologies to ensure that your data is safe and secure. We also use the latest technologies to ensure that your website is safe and secure.


We believe that everyone should be able to access the internet. We create all our websites and services to be as accessible as possible.


By using modern image and video formats, server to client compression, and content delivery networks we can make our websites faster than ever before.


We believe that websites should be beautiful. From design to development, everything is done by us with love and care.


We develop and use open-source software, we stronly believe that collaboration is the key to success. We work with the developer community to make the internet a better place.

Our websites


Saturn is a lightweight, blazing-fast and incredibly powerful content management system and website builder. Designed with speed, performance and reliability in mind, Saturn is perfect for websites of any size that can scale with ease.

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Portal is our single-sign-on service, allowing you to use one username and one password to access all Pixelset websites and services.

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ScoutsOnline is a new way to share your group's memories with parents, carers, friends, and more. It's safe, secure, free and easy to use. Think of it as a free, scout-centered alternative to websites like SmugMug or Facebook.

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The Internet Impact

The internet impacts us all, let's do something about it.

Explore the positive and negative impacts the internet has on us, from mental health and climate change, to the economy and education.

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Comparing University Accommodation doesn't have to be difficult.

WhatAccomm.com gets genuine, recent and reliable reviews from Unis around the UK.

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Cook with recipes submitted by your friends and people around the world on OurCookbook.

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Environment 🌳

100% Renewable Websites

All our websites and projects are hosted on eco-friendly servers in the UK powered by 100% renewable energy - no dodgy carbon offsets or schemes, just 100% renewable electricity from Ecotricity. We use Krystal servers which are hosted in a datacentre with a 1.2 PUE rating.

Planting Trees

Krystal plants trees for every client, so when we use their services to host our websites and servers we're contributing to the planting of these trees. So far, we've planted 45 trees via Krystal's tree planting scheme.

Lightweight Web Design

All our websites are built in a way that reduces their impact on the environment. Every time you load a web page you're releasing carbon into the air, because the servers, cables, computers, and your internet service provider all need power to serve the content. Alongside using green servers, we also compress our images, files, and pages to serve them using less power, and therefore less carbon.