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The Environment 🌳

100% Renewable Energy

All our websites and projects are hosted on eco-friendly servers in the UK powered by 100% renewable energy - no dodgy carbon offsets or schemes, just 100% renewable electricity from Ecotricity. We use Krystal servers which are hosted in a datacentre with a 1.2 PUE rating.

Green status

Planting Trees

Krystal plants trees for every client, so when we use their services to host our websites and servers we're contributing to the planting of these trees.

Planting trees

Lightweight Web Design

All our websites are built in a way that reduces their impact on the environment. Every time you load a web page you're releasing carbon into the air, because the servers, cables, computers, and your internet service provider all need power to serve the content. Alongside using green servers, we also compress our images, files, and pages to serve them using less power, and therefore less carbon.

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